Project`s overall objective

To contribute to sustainable and competitive economic and technological development through the creation of an efficient and effective business environment based on innovation, new technologies and ICT solutions in cross-border area.

Project`s specific objective

Develop infrastructure, human resources and to resolve the problem of unfavorable business environment in the cross-border area. Enable the transfer of ideas, information and knowledge between partners and entrepreneurs and enable entrepreneurial development based on an innovative concept

About project

Total project value: 1.487.795,35€
Total budget Town of Lipik: 502.563,87€
Programme co-financing (85%): 427.197,28€
Project duration: 1.8.2020. – 31.7.2022.

Targeted groups

  1. small and medium entrepreneurs
  2. start ups, and future start ups
  3. local authority
  4. scientific community
  5. business support organizations