The City of Gradiška as the leading partner in the project will ensure co-financing of the proposed project and technical capacities.

Town of Lipik, Town of Daruvar and the Municipality of Kotor as a project partners in the project will have a supporting role in establishing efficient and effective cross-border cooperation and the management structure of the project based on the PCM methodology and principles of good practice.

Gradiška (BiH)

Lead partner

Grad Gradiška, Vidovdanska 1a, 78400 Gradiška
Nemanja Davidović, Project coordinator


Project partner

Grad Daruvar, Trg kralja Tomislava 14, 43500 Daruvar
Boris Peranović, Project coordinator


Project partner

Grad Lipik, M. Terzije 27, 34551 Lipik
Nikolina Balen Adžijević, Project coordinator


Project partner

Općina Kotor, Stari grad 317, 85330 Kotor
Nadja Radulović, Project coordinator