The activities of the project Development through DIHs are being carried out according to plan

The cross-border cooperation project “Development through Digital Innovative Hubs in Gradiška, Daruvar, Lipik and Kotor” (“Development through DIH”) began in early August last year and lasts until the end of July next year. This project is co-financed by the INTERREG IPA CBC-HR-BA-ME cross-border cooperation program, and its total value is  1,487,795.35 EUR, of which the project value for the City of Lipik is 502,563.87 EUR. The co-financing ratio is 85% EU and 15% City of Lipik.

At the 1st floor of the Football Club Lipik 1925, a digital innovation center will be established which will contribute to sustainable and competitive economic and technological development. Through the project, the procurement of necessary technologies, software and IT equipment is planned, and trainings on the topic of mobile application programming, 3D design and training for work in the Fusion 360 program will be organized.

A public procurement procedure was conducted for the procurement of IT equipment, ie the procurement of computers, tablets, multifunctional devices – printers, smartboard and projector, 3D printers and materials for 3D printers. Part of the IT equipment has been delivered.

During November, the completion of construction works on the first floor of the NK Lipik 1925 building is expected, and the preparation of documentation for the purchase of office furniture has begun. The future digital innovation center, ie the Entrepreneurial Incubator of Artificial Intelligence, will be equipped with 7 offices, a classroom, a quiet room, a kitchenette and a bathroom.

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