Progress of the project – Development through DIHs

The City of Lipik will get its first digital innovation center, ie Entrepreneurial Incubator of Artificial Intelligence through the cross-border cooperation project “Development through digital innovation hubs in Gradiška, Daruvar, Lipik and Kotor” (“Development through DIHs”). The project is co-financed from the INTERREG IPA CBC-HR-BA-ME cross-border cooperation program. The co-financing ratio is 85% EU and 15% partners. The total value of the project is 1,487,795.35 €, while the value of the project for the City of Lipik is  502,563.87 €.

The City of Lipik is a partner along with the City of Daruvar, the Municipality of Kotor (Montenegro) and the leading partner is the City of Gradiška (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The project started on August 1, 2020 and lasts until July 31, 2022. It is focused on the development of digital technologies through the establishment of 4 digital innovation centers, one for each partner.

Joint cooperation of cross-border institutions will enable the transfer of various ideas, information and knowledge, broadening the horizons of business cooperation and better access to resources, which will ultimately lead to further cooperation, economic growth and development, increasing competitiveness and exploiting export potentials to the greatest extent possible.

The most financially generous activity of the project is reconstruction of the facility in which the Entrepreneurial Incubator of Artificial Intelligence will be located. Contractor Maksim IV d.o.o. has begun work on the reconstruction of the facility, which is currently going according to plan. A temporary billboard has also been set up. Reconstruction of the public space that is not currently used will provide new business infrastructure, and along with modern IT equipment, necessary for the acquisition of specific knowledge and skills, will provide added value.

After building and equipping a new business infrastructure, new and existing entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to improve their skills and competencies with modern knowledge in the field of mobile application development and programming languages ​​used in robotics (Java, C ++, Python, …). Certified trainings will be held in the newly equipped DIH.

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